Schwartauer Werke


Starting position

Schwartauer Werke has always been specialized in the production of fruit products, with branded goods from the house of Schwartau occupying a leading market position. However, the following question emerged against the backdrop of a changing food industry and the new requirements for dialogue-oriented end-user communication: What do we have to do as an established brand producer to be sure of our customers’ trust extending into the future?



With the communicative platform “Schwartau. Echt gut gemacht [Schwartau. Genuinely well made]”, the intention was to charge the brand with new relevance. The aim was to set the strategic direction towards the launch of a new company and brand presence, aiming at a modern and transparent approach to communication. At the same time all employees were to be informed and involved in the process while being inspired by the new spirit within the company.


Implementation - Mission statement

The formulation of a new mission statement on the basis of ‘Echt gut gemacht’ created an important anchor point in the starting phase of the project for internal and external interest groups. An interactive internal launch event together with additional measures such as the first publication of a company brochure helped to communicate the new mission statement to the employees in a lasting manner.


Implementation - Relaunch

In relation to the assignment, the relaunch meant that, for the first time, it was no longer only the brand but also the company that appeared as an active player in communication directed at the market and consumer. segmenta assumed responsibility for strategy, implementation and evaluation of the thematically focused communication and dialogue measures in corporate PR (media work) and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Corporate Blog).



Orientation and inspiration based on the corporate mission statement was provided in both the internal and external communication. The underlying strategic development enabled Schwartauer Werke to effectively convey corporate, brand and product topics under one communication umbrella. Within a short time, the first successes were recorded within the newly established communication fields of corporate PR and social media – on Facebook, for example, 100,000 fans were recruited in only ten months.